YOURLS 1.9.1

We’ve just released YOURLS 1.9.1 !

What’s new ? Mostly minor bug fixes, the most important one being an error occurring when someone would update from a long version ago. People who update their YOURLS instances when there is a new version were not affected by this bug, I’ll let you decide if there is a lesson here ;) You’ll find the detailed changelog on the release page.

How to update ? This release doesn’t alter the database, it’s the typical case of “upload files over older ones and forget”, which as always doesn’t affect your plugins and user config. And as always, if it’s been a long time since your last DB backup, now would be a good time of course.

Spread the word ! Help us make YOURLS bigger ! You can do your part with tweeting about this release to let your friends know about it, and with giving us a star on Github ;) Thank you all!

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1 thought on “YOURLS 1.9.1

  1. Amazing project, wow. I am a non coder, and want so badly now to learn how to use this.
    Would anyone know if such shortened URLS, after used and posted on a twitter tweet,… for example… could its destination URL be re-edited/changed 6 months later, since the actual shortened URL on that Twitter tweet cannot be altered in that tweet from 6 months ago?

    i tried to find it in the FAQ…but i am not sure how to search for this feature, for i do not know what it is called really.

    Thanks for any advice with this


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