YOURLS 1.7.3

Hello world, and happy new year everyone!

This year 2019 starts with a maintenance release of YOURLS, bumping its version to YOURLS 1.7.3.

What’s new? Mostly lil bug fixes and small enhancements here and there, nothing breath taking, but we thought it might be a good idea to push a release that would reflect changes committed this past months, mostly for folks who install “stable” releases, either manually or using third party tools.

How to update? Same as usual, download the archive and overwrite all existing files. While you’re at it, backup your database because this is one of your new year resolutions, and tell your friends and family to update too!

Love and short links to all !

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7 thoughts on “YOURLS 1.7.3

  1. Hello, What a new update, thank you very much,
    However, after updating the plugin I have started to give errors,

    Fatal error: Cannot access protected property YOURLS\Database\YDB::$option in /home/pinta468/public_html/envio/user/plugins/password-protection/plugin.php on line 195

    protected YOURLS \ Database \ YDB :: $ option em /home/pinta468/public_html/envio/user/plugins/password-protection/plugin.php on line 30

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