YOURLS 1.7.2

Hello World! I’ve had some free time recently to devote to your favorite URL shortener, and as a result the latest is now YOURLS 1.7.2. Update now and be sure your friends update too!

What’s new? This is a bugfix lil’ release and you will probably won’t notice much if you don’t inspect under the hood. For those interested of course the CHANGELOG keeps track of everything that has been improved, added or fixed.

The only real “major” news is that PHP 5.2 support is officially dropped. To be honest it’s been unofficially supported for quite some time now, and if you still happen to run PHP 5.2 and YOURLS works on it, cool for you, but it should be definitely broken on your side from now on. For the record, as of today less than 2.9% of all YOURLS installs still run on 5.2, while 22% are on 5.3, 28% on 5.4, 20% on 5.5, 20% on 5.6 — as you can see this is pretty even — and just above 5% of you folks running PHP 7+. Yes, in case you were unaware, YOURLS is running fine on PHP 7+.

How to update? Same business as usual. Simply download the archive and overwrite all existing files. While you’re at it, why don’t you backup your database data? I’m sure it’s been a while already since last time :)

Update and tell your friends and family to update too!

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7 thoughts on “YOURLS 1.7.2

  1. I have one YOURLS install currently tracking 14,230+ links with 1,798,041+ clicks and counting. Works like a charm! Thank you so much for this update :)

  2. I have an instance of YOURLS with 2,289,981 clicks and 13,078 links and works perfect, thank you very much for this update! Greetings from Uruguay

  3. I love Yourls.
    I’ve installed it on my old domain and my new domain.
    Atm only on the new domain, i’m overall, tracking 142,000 links, 165,000 clicks, and counting!

  4. I have a YOURLS instance tracking 1,545 links with over 9 million clicks!

    Indispensable web app! Thanks for the news about PHP7, I am building a new server soon (currently running PHP 5.3.29 in production).

  5. Great Update, thanks allot.

    One question, if I use currently a domain like “” and want to use or move to another domain like “” as new short url how should I do this? Something in the config file or htaccess?

    Thanks in advance.

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