YOURLS 1.5.1 Released

I’m happy to announce that YOURLS 1.5.1 is available and waiting for you. Get it quick, the first 1,000 installs get 20% off the regular price!

What’s new

YOURLS 1.5.1 is a “minor” release, as in “there are no really new important features but lots of improvements and bug fixes”. Some very cool stuff nonetheless, which are:

  • You can now encrypt your passwords in the config file instead of storing them in clear text. See Using encrypted salted passwords
  • YOURLS stat pages now uses the new Google Visualization API. See that page for example.
  • Stat pages are much more intelligently generated, SQL wise. That alone makes it worth upgrading
  • The API is now JSONP compliant, for all you Javascript nerds
  • Drop a favicon in the /user directory and YOURLS’ll use it

You can check a slightly more detailed changelog.txt and, if you’re really wanting to keep an eye on development, follow @YOURLS (for more general news about YOURLS, and other stuff, you’ll want to follow Ozh instead — much more entertaining :)

15 second updating

That’ll be a quick update: just upload the new archive to overwrite all your files, and that’s it. No scary update page to remind you that everything should go fine but you should backup everything just in case. Note that I’m not saying that you shouldn’t backup regularly anyway :)

Oh, and while you’re downloading the latest archive, spend a second or two on and give that “social” icons the spanking they deserve! The Showcase section has been recently updated and, man, there are quite a few cool things around made with or for YOURLS!

What’s next

I shall now start to make up my mind about the next database schema for 1.6 and work on the next iteration. This will imply lots of DB changes and I’m truly scared because this is my sucky area :)

I’m also currently pondering over moving the project on Github or not, see previous blog post on that subject.

OK, those last two paragraphs make me sound like I just can’t make any quick decision, but, Ma, I swear this isn’t what it looks like! :)

Now be a good boy and tell a friend to update while you’re updating, will you?

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11 thoughts on “YOURLS 1.5.1 Released

      • Thanks Ozh, I’ve been using 1.4.3 and never dared to upgrade as my links are too important to mess up, so I’ll just install another Yourls on another destination. I took the plunge 2 years ago to install Yourls and I’m a wp and php noob, and I had to hotline chat with hostgator to open up some security settings, as I remember. Thanks alot and even though it’s GPL, you’re why Yourls is so successfully. My Yourls never gave me any hangups or issues. It’s like install and it quietly works in the background.

        Thanks again.

        • There is an import export tool, why not make a test installation on a sub domain or different folder, and see how the import and export works to the new version?

  1. Updating was easy as pie! also took the infinity template for a run and its amazing! I love the mobile, though iphone only doesn’t work on android.

    the install confused me for a second too :p But its for him installing it on your server for you.

    Heres mine :D

  2. Hey Ozh ,

    Actually I am confused with the 15% off thing too. I am thinking it of something, but not sure if it is. Can you please clarify about it

  3. You really don’t get it guys!!!
    “Get it quick, the first 1,000 installs get 20% off the regular price”.

    This is a JOKE! To stimulate people to upgrade their instals.
    Ozh has no plans to charge for yourls because he is a very nice person!

    Keep up with the good work. This is an amazing php software.
    Thanks Ozh.

    Greetings from Lisbon/Portugal.

  4. Thank you!

    That’s true. Ozh is really a good developer with ethics as well as a nice person

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