Preventing abuse of your public YOURLS install

A lot of you, beloved users, are using YOURLS to set up public shorteners. Sooner or later you all face the same problem: abuse by spammers, sometimes until your hosting provider shuts down your site. Hopefully, thanks to the plugin API, being abused by spammers is not inevitable destiny and plugins can address that issue.

I know at least 2 plugins on this topic:

If you made a plugin on this topic, be sure to let me know (remember: DON’T MODIFY core, make a plugin instead!!)

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4 thoughts on “Preventing abuse of your public YOURLS install

  1. Hi Ozh,

    I would like to inquire about an abuse issue that has recently occurred while utilizing YOURLS. The service has recently been hacked and abused by spammers. I have set the service to be private and primarily utilize it for the plugin for WordPress to Twitter but somehow spammers were able to utilize the service anyway and created a bunch of spam links bypassing WordPress altogether. I have tried to edit the config settings but am really unsure if this will be effective in combating the issue. Would you have any suggestions other than the above plugins or do you think these may resolve the issue? I am attempting to edit those submissions but wonder if there is a better way to accomplish this task more efficiently and effectively. I would rather not suspend the service because it is perfect thus far and has exceeded my expectations. Would you have any suggestions?

  2. Mike: from reading the source, I’d say configure it line 18 (enter the virustotal
    key) and then upload as user/plugins/virustotal/plugin.php & activate

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