Happy New Year and a Plugin

Happy New Year, fellow YOURLS users. May this year bring all sorts of shortened URLs to you and your family!

I’m done writing my upcoming book about WordPress plugins (Professional WordPress Plugin Development) so I’m back on being able to dedicate some free time to YOURLS again. Ain’t that good news? :)

Also, I’ve added a new plugin to the Wiki Docs: this one lets you Ignore Bots from your stats and click counts.

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10 thoughts on “Happy New Year and a Plugin

  1. Hi,
    First let me say a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 to you and yours! Thank you so much for your awesome plugin (s). You make wordpress a better site of accomplishing great websites.

  2. Two questions :)

    1. If you had a tweet me button on your wordpress posts, how could you get it to pull the shorturl for sharing instead of the_permalink or whatever?

    2. I have looked everywhere for some info about making your yourls public instead of private, everything I find is a line boasting the option exists but not the how to?


  3. Thanks for such a great script – I started using it back in the 1.2 days. :)

    I wanted to comment on the release of 1.5 (but the comments were closed.) – Really excited about where this is going. Glad to see the WP-esque plugin features. I’ve had some ideas for plugins, but up until now have had to code them into the core (not pretty.) Things like domain bans, word filters, and others. I’ll be writing some up and submitting. What’s the process for submitting plugins?

  4. Don: at the moment the process is fairly, errr, “open”. Comment here, mail me, file an issue on google’s code project page, anything is OK. In the future I should make something more consistent, probably in form of a forum.

  5. Just wondering: How can you have YOURLS files in a separate directory i.e. mydomain.com/yourls/ yet have the shortened URLs appear as mydomain.com/shortlink. I don’t want to put all the YOURLS directories/files at the root on the server in order to preserve organization. Thanks!

  6. Would it be possible to adapt the YOURLS plugin for WordPress to use with the open source microblogging platform identi.ca? (identi.ca also uses OAuth for remotely posting ‘tweets’ which it can in turn send to twitter as well)

    If so, how would we go about it. Is it just a case of altering a line or two in the twitterOAuth.php file?

    Many thanks.

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